Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thing 19

For this Thing I took a look at www.careerbuilder.com, a job search website and looked for library jobs (because, hey, I want a new one ;) ).

Anyways, I really like this site. Not only do you search for jobs constrained by field/title and area/state but there are several other applications which I think are great. First, you can use the “similar jobs” link. Clicking on this will list all jobs which are “similar” within the same general area. However, the sites definition of “similar” is broad. When searching for “librarian” similar jobs ended up being accountants, shipping clerks, and store managers among others. I think the programmers of this site need a little lesson on what a librarian actually is…but, in any case, it’s a nice feature.

Another great application of this site is a graphical feature which tells you how many people have applied for a specific job. This way, you know the quantity of your competition and you can strategize which jobs to apply for.

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