Monday, October 5, 2009

Thing 22

E-Books are a very interesting entity. I have wanted to create an account for years but never did. Now I have.

Actually, I am not a fan of NetLibrary. It is a great resource for large public libraries. However, it is not cost efficient for smaller libraries such as the one where I work. Additionally, NetLibrary doest have sufficient statistical information of its usage. My library recently terminated their subscription with NetLibrary because it would have been some $900.00 for the two or three patrons we knew used the subscription. In short, the subscription just wasn’t worth the money during rough economic times.

However, like I said, e-books and NetLibrary is a great source for larger libraries in urban and semi-urban areas where a majority of patrons own and frequently use MP3 players and other like devices. Listening to an e-book while running or doing local errands sounds like a great idea.

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