Monday, October 5, 2009

Thing 23

The “23 Things” program was an 8 week course which guided librarians through web-based technology. It took me only 16 days. Now, I admit that I sped through the course – not because I didn’t take it seriously but because I was trying to balance course loads for other MLIS classes.

The list of 23 Things was great because it contained both imperative and fun online applications. Many of these things were not new to me and others I had never experienced. For example, I had used YouTube, RSS feeds, Flikr, and other such applications before. However, I had never had my own blog nor participated with LibraryThing. The mix of seen and unseen helped round my understanding of how each tool can be used for library promotion and reference.

The highlight of the 23 Things was the Motivator at I simply love those posters and was ecstatic to finally figure out where people had gone to make them.

The only concern with the 23 Things was that some of the links which provided additional material did not work. This was mildly annoying. I understand that websites change their URLs all the time but it seamed that the organization who created the 23 Things dropped the ball a bit here. Yet, despite this minor setback, the information contained within the working links were superlative. I learned so much by participating in this program.

Can I have my MP3 player now? Jk,



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